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Unique offering

Our unique 3-layer transformation approach in business consultancy that delivers sustainable and measurable results to our clients is what set us apart from our competitors. 

Leader to Business: Holistic Business Consultancy Services

We strongly believe that real transformation in business always begin from an outward self-driven change from the leaders. We start from the corporate leader instead of implementing forced change from generic business review. We understand the leaders’ vision and facilitate them to expand their vision from a macro view. Therefore, we work together with the leaders to identify the competitive advantages of the company against consumer needs and turn it into a unique strategic positioning for the company. Rather than enforcing the execution plan to the team, we align the team with the leader’s vision to ensure sustainable and scalable transformation of the business. During the execution stage, we provide continuous strategic advice for the leader in all aspects with our consultancy. 

Highlights of Our Customized Services

  • Holistic Business revamp & Re-branding

  • Identify Unique Value Proposition for Business Re-positioning

  • Customer mindDer™ Study

  • Strategic 6Ps Execution Plan (Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion, People, Proof)

  • One-off Consultancy Projects

Successful Business Consultancy Highlights

2015 – Present: Holistic revamp & re-branding of a Hong Kong-based global mobile accessories company

Services Provided Highlights:

  • Re-positioned the brand and re-launched in core target markets

  • Total revamp of the flagship store with new product range & new marketing campaign

  • Implementation of Customer mindDer™ System to enhance and engage existing VIP and recruitment VIP with sales team training and tracking

  • Provide continuous strategic advice to CEO for sustainable performance

Qualitative Results Achieved:

  • Re-positioned originally mobile accessories trading brand to a mobile lifestyle brand

Quantitative Results Achieved:

  • Store sales boosted by 125%

  • VIP recruitment rate has been doubled in one month

  • Individual front-line sales staff performance increased by 100%

2008 - 2019 : Business & Marketing Consultancy for a major property developer's shopping malls in Greater China

Business Consultancy Award

Services Provided (Highlights):

  • Provide marketing consultancy advice

  • Enhancement of strategic positioning

  • Project-based strategic advice


We support our client's leading malls in China and Hong Kong to win various gold awards of major regional & local marketing excellence competition.

2008 Business & Brand Revamp of a leading local lingerie brand

Business Consultancy Coverage

Services Provided:

  • Provide coaching support to Founder & CEO

  • Strategic business review on 4 capitals (Business development, Customer, People Organization) & projected market size

  • Strategically identify Unique Value Proposition & test hypothesis via target customer studies & researches

  • Conducted a holistic re-branding exercise to enhance total My Heart’s Customer Experience Chain

o   Enhance total store revamp
o   Effective front-line services training
o   Efficient new operation system
o   Impactful relaunch promotion & PR event

Results achieved in Year One
Successfully identified a blue ocean market and re-positioned traditional and functional lingerie brand My Heart as “Bodibra”, a differentiated lingerie brand for total body transformation & health improvement with the below results:

  • More than 100% increase in total sales

  • Over 40% incremental VIP customer sales

  • 70% reduction in front-line sales turnover rate

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