Executive coaching for Mr. Chester Tsung, Executive Director, Savior Faire Group Limited

Executive coaching for Mr. Chester Tsung, Executive Director, Savior Faire Group Limited

Executive Coaching

Unique offering

A safe environment for CEO and senior management to share their leadership and business concerns with experienced MNC corporate CEO and corporate doctor, Ms. Annie Leung. 
Leading a business is a stressful task and at times, a lonely position to be in. We also recognize that CEO and senior management are the key change drivers in any business. Hence, we have designed an effective 3-step coaching system that guides CEO and senior management to drive self-motivated change by leveraging on their unique mindPower™ (leadership competencies) and improving their blind spots to become a peak-performing leader.

1. Awareness of own mindPower™

Firstly, we understand who our coachee is as a person and as a leader. Via the Enneagram and the mindPower™ assessment, we assist our coachee in uncovering their values, blind spots, leadership competencies and areas of improvement. We will also provide an on-site observation to explore the interaction between our coachee and his or her subordinates. This empowers our coachee to gain a holistic understanding of themselves as we walk them through closely on their assessment reports with our on-site observation findings.

2. Business Strategic Review

At the next stage of coaching, our coachee will be facilitated to review his or her business via structured questioning to invoke their critical thinking. Our experienced corporate CEO and corporate doctor, Ms. Annie Leung, will provide spot-on insights and our innovative tools to personally guide our coachee to identify business growth opportunities and threats.

3. Strategic Execution Plan with Action

After streamlining to an identified business idea, our coachee will then be mentored to determine business priorities and given directions for strategic planning and action. Thereafter, our coachee will be guided on how to align the new business idea with his team by inspiring them to share and work towards the same goal.

We understand that coaching requires sustained support from the coach. Hence, we support our coach through regular meetings planned in a personalized structure to closely monitor the progress of our coachee. Our coachee can expect to be guided to develop milestones with vigorous benchmark and measurement, how to overcome barriers or resistance to better performance in personal and business.

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