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6 mindPower™ for Peak Performance  6 mindPower™ for Peak Performance

6 mindPower™ for Peak Performance


The mindPower™ Model – Driving change from within

While many claim to have “secret formulas” for success in business, we believe there is no “one size fits all” success formula. The effects of following others' success tend to be short-lived. Successful change should be driven from within - through the leaders who are the core of an organization.

Inspired by Harvard Business School Professor Bill George’s “Authentic Leadership”, mindPower™ model is an accredited consultancy & leadership training model that facilitates leaders & companies to achieve instant self and business transformation via 3-layer innovation:

mind Innovation
• Inspire leaders to breakthrough their vision, optimize their strengths & overcome blind spots
• Strategic self & people management tools & cases to enhance management effectiveness

Business Innovation
• Easy-to-apply business review & innovation tools to develop strategic positioning & 6Ps strategic plan (product,
   pricing, place, promotion, people, proof) which enhances company’s competitive advantage
• Real business revamp case sharing and studies to provoke innovative new ideas

Customer Innovation
• Master customers’ hidden preference & how to engage customers effectively via Business Growth mindDer™ system
• Use customer mindData™ analytics to develop targeted customer engagement & sales strategies

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